Ultimate Singapore moving house checklist

Haulmate moving house checklist

When moving house in Singapore, it can be hard to know where to start and what moving services you need to book. 

To get you moving, we have developed Singapore’s most comprehensive moving house checklist so you can keep on top of everything ahead of your move day.

You can access the interactive moving checklist anytime and personalise it your move.

The moving checklist also allows you to tick off items as you complete them and comes with some hand packing tips! 

If you prefer a summarised version, keep reading as we have outlined some of the key moving services you need to organise below.

4 – 6 weeks before moving house

  • Schedule time off work for moving day
    Ensuring you have enough time to coordinate your move come move day will give you a little extra peace of mind. Especially if you are moving into a larger place or have kids, you may need the extra time just to coordinate your moving services.
  • Request quotes from movers in Singapore
    When moving house, sourcing quotes from movers in Singapore can be the most time consuming and confusing.

    You can read more about how to find the best movers in Singapore in our detailed guide.

    Or you can easily request multiple quotes from Singapore’s most trusted movers by checking out Haulmate. Rather than searching for movers in Singapore and requesting quotes individually, our handy tool does that hard work for you. 
  • Measure your new place to help with planning furniture 
    Get the floor plans or ask the agent if you can go and measure the walls of your new place. This will allow you to make clear decisions on which furniture you should move and those items that may not fit.

    If you do this early enough, it will give you enough time to sell those items you can’t bring. Or if you can’t bring yourself to sell your loved possessions, make sure you read about when storage might right for you
  • Schedule final aircon service
    If you’re like most of us, this is something you’ll remember at the last minute. Make sure you book this ahead of time so that you meet your quarterly commitment in most Tenancy Agreement.

Before moving house, remember to gather up all your receipts to show your agent to demonstrate that you have done your regular maintenance of the aircon units

2 – 4 weeks before moving house

Book move out clean
Having your current home professionally cleaned is often a requirement by most agents and helps ensure you get your deposit back when you move out.

Prices for your move out cleaning will vary depending on the size of your place. A property less than 700 sq ft would cost around $270. Larger places around 1,000 – 1,3000 sq ft would typically cost $370. 

For more information on this topic, check out our handy guide which covers everything you need to know about move out cleaners

Source: Helpling
  • Organise curtain dry cleaning
    Another moving service which can be overlooked is getting your curtains dry cleaned. This is often a requirement by most agents.

    Some move out cleaners such as Helpling and Clean on Demand offer curtain dry cleaning as add on service. Otherwise your agent may have a preferred partner.

    ​​Prepare to pay around $18 per curtain panel, with most suppliers charging for total weight. 

    In most cases, it will take up to three days to have your curtains dry cleaned. If you are in a rush, some companies offer same day express delivery, but may cost around 50% more.
  • Collect or buy moving boxes
    Getting moving boxes may seem like a straightforward task. However estimating exactly how many moving boxes you need can sometimes be a little tricky. 

    Be sure to read about how many boxes you need to ensure you’re well prepared ahead of moving out.

    You can also instantly buy curated moving boxes kits that have been tailored to the size of your Singapore property through Haulmate.
  • Transfer utilities (SP Group or other)
    When moving in Singapore, it’s important to let your energy provider know of your move to avoid a warm fridge and nowhere to charge your phone!

    For most of us in Singapore, you will need to let SP Group know that you are moving and we recommend you do this sooner rather than later to avoid any surprises.

1 week before moving house

  • Arrange for storage for your furniture 
    If you are moving into a place that is pre-furnished or you can’t quite fit some of your loved prized possessions, you may consider keeping your furniture in storage

    It’s relatively affordable and very common in Singapore as the size of most Condos and HDB’s are economical. Storage terms are flexible and you usually pay by the size and duration of your needs.
  • Pick up the keys to your new place 
    You can do this on move day, however we advise you to arrange with your agent to do this a day or two early if you can. 

    It provides you a little extra reassurance that  your new place is how you remembered it before moving house. 
  • Advise services, eg. babysitter, cleaners, schools
    Make sure you have anyone who may come to your place or require your home address for emergency know that you are moving. A simple step but one often forgotten when moving house!

1 day before moving house

  • Defrost and empty out your refrigerator 
  • Unplug and tie up appliance cords
  • Cash on hand for last minute expenses 

Hopefully this helps to provide a fast summary of some of the moving services and tasks you need to organise before moving house in Singapore. 

Don’t forget, you can download the free moving checklist for a more comprehensive list of activities. 

Inside, you’ll also receive an exclusive $15 discount code for any of the moving services Haulmate provides from our moving partners.

Best of luck for your move! 

September 6, 2021