Top 7 Storage Space Companies in Singapore

Storage space in Singapore

There are different reasons for renting storage spaces during moving. Whether it is a residential or a commercial move, you may need extra space to store your items temporarily. Other times, you are a business owner looking for space to keep excess stock. Whatever the reason, leasing out storage space is a convenient way to store your items within budget. However, since every storage company has its rental process, the prices could vary from one company to the next. Before you can settle for a particular storage space in Singapore, you will need to consider the size of the rental facility, location, and lease duration. 

Considerations before renting storage space

When looking for a reliable storage space company, two factors come to mind; the cost and the size of the rental space. See our ultimate guide about storage spaces in Singapore. Here are some tips to consider before renting a storage space in Singapore;

The size of the rental unit.

Before you can decide to rent a storage space in Singapore, you may need to create an inventory of your items. It will guide the amount of space you need. The cost of the storage depends on how large a facility you are renting. Therefore, you will want to know how many boxes or the amount of furniture you are storing. 

Most often, the storage space company in Singapore may provide photos to a customer to visualize if their items will fit in. Conversely, you can pay them a visit and choose a rental space that meets your requirements. The more space you can save, the more value of your money you are likely to get. 

The cost of renting storage space in Singapore.

Generally, when requesting a quotation, it is crucial to understand all the fees included in the quote. Some storage space companies offer more than rental space. Some may offer free storage boxes, packing tapes, padlocks, and other storage essentials. Others may provide pickup and delivery services. 

If you are moving for work reasons and your home is not ready for virtual or work from home features, you may find some storage space companies offering co-working space. These working spaces are fully equipped with WiFi and office facilities, air conditioning, and other virtual working capabilities. If you may need these services, be sure to ask your company. 

To prepare the general cost estimates of the overall storage space, look for ways to maximize the offers and free services from the storage company. Besides, each of these services should be within your budget.

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Types of storage spaces

There are two types of storage spaces in Singapore, basic and temperature-controlled spaces. The only difference between the two is the need for temperature control features. While the basic may lack HVAC units and systems, it is equally a practical option. Besides, it is budget-friendly when your items are not compromised by humidity or high temperatures. 

Rental period at storage spaces

When renting out storage spaces, you have the option to go for temporary/ short-term storage or a long-term storage option. Although each of these options is flexible to your storage needs, they equally affect the overall cost. If going for the long-term plan, you may need to discontinue some additional services that do not seem viable to your current storage needs. Before you can settle for the rental period, consider discussing all details with the storage space company. 

Top 7 storage space companies in Singapore

Having discussed what you need to know before choosing a storage space company, we have outlined the top 7 storage space companies in Singapore; 

  1. Work+store space.

This is one of the best storage space companies in Singapore. With branches spread across Singapore, you have the option to choose a location that is highly accessible to you. Besides, the company offers rental units in a variety of features and sizes. Whether you are a small business or need storage space for personal needs, Work + Store provides nothing less. They have flexible payment plans with exclusive 24/7 access.

To offer efficient services, they do not require minimum deposits. They provide free estimates and quotes with an online space calculator to estimate the renting space’s overall cost.

  1. Spaceship Singapore.

Their services are available for self-storage needs and business storage needs. Whether it is a small or a big business, Spaceship Singapore is a one-stop storage rental for all your needs. Besides providing storage space services, the company offers moving services in Singapore. If you are looking for a convenient moving plan without your input in logistics, Spaceship Singapore should be your go-to rental company. 

Some of the company’s highlight features are an online tracking system for their services and an extensive storage capacity. It is one of the top-rated storage space companies in Singapore.

  1. StorHub.

StorHub can be said to be the mother of storage space companies in Singapore. It was established in 2003 and has grown to an industry leader in self-storage and business storage needs. If you face problems with storage at home or in your office, StorHub will relieve you of the burden. With over 14 facilities across Singapore, the company is convenient and reliable for storage space with 24/7 access. 

If you are looking for budget-friendly storage space with flexible storage solutions, then StorHub should be the company of choice. As of 2021, the company has over 10,000 storage units in Singapore.

any customer’s budget. 

  1. Extra Space Asia.

Like any other storage space company in Singapore, Extra Space Asia is an industry leader. With several facilities to store and manage your items securely, it is the best option for keeping your inventory. Besides, they offer rental co-working space for both small and big businesses.

  1. Urban Space Storage.

This is one of the modern storage space companies in Singapore. It was founded in 2015 as a solution to self-storage and business needs. If you are looking for a fully-functional, secure, and easy-to-manage storage space, consider renting space at Urban Space Storage. With its headquarters at Depot Close, it is easily accessible by public transport or by car. Besides, it offers both temperature-controlled and locker space rental. If you have items that are sensitive to humidity or high-temperature, consider renting from one of their 376 storage units. 

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March 16, 2021