Storage Space in Singapore: 2021 guide

Storage space in Singapore

When looking for storage space in Singapore, several factors come to mind. You want to hire a service that you can trust, one that is reliable and reputable. Besides looking for a provider who offers the largest storage space, you should consider the cost of keeping your items in their facilities and pick-up / drop-off services. All these put together will help you find the best storage space for you.

Storage comes in all shapes and sizes and with so many people moving because of Covid, they have become more competitive… making it better for you the customer!

When you are moving house in Singapore, you may have extra items that you do not want to move to your new home. Or, your new house is still under renovation, and temporary storage is the only option. For a quick guide on the best storage companies, jump straight to top 7 storage space companies in Singapore.

Deciding whether storage is right for you

Whether you are moving or need to create extra space in your home or office, storage spaces offer a creative option to declutter. Here are some of the advantages of using storage spaces when moving; 

Storage when moving
While moving is the primary concern, renting storage space is equally important. Most movers use the storage in transit technique to ensure efficient and seamless moving. This way, your items remain organized and sorted. While most people will toss unwanted items in their garage or backyard, renting a storage space may provide an opportunity to put these items into storage before moving. Some storage space companies in Singapore offer storage boxes. These would also come in handy when packing your items for moving. 

Storage space in Singapore

Secure storage of your items
Security is the primary consideration before renting storage space. These companies understand this factor and have put in place all measures to ensure secure storage. Whether it is CCTV surveillance or biometric entry systems, you can be confident that your items are safe and secure in self-storage. Besides, 24/7 access enables you to retrieve your items when the need arises. 

Pick up and delivery
Moving is a series of processes. With hundreds of tasks to ensure efficient and flawless moving, you do not want to miss any crucial steps. As an additional service, some of the storage space companies offer free pickup and delivery of boxes. If you are keeping the unnecessary items in the storage boxes, you will only be left with essential things to move to the new home. 

Storage space could help ease packing
When moving, prior preparations and packing are a crucial concern. You may need to start packing your items weeks or days before while sorting and arranging your items in the order of importance. If the storage company is offering storage space rental containers, you may need to put some of these items in the storage containers before moving. When choosing your moving company in Singapore, ask them about their approach to item storage while on transit.

Save money by using storage spaces in Singapore
When deciding on the company to hire for your move, you will always want to scrutinize the quote fully. Using storage space may offer opportunities to save a few bucks. When you are left with a few items and having moved the unimportant items to storage, you may need few trucks and little workforce during moving. This way, you will tick off some of the moving services that you do not need and equally lower the moving quote. 

While these are some of the reasons to rent a storage space, there are unlimited ways to use these rental units.

Tips to choosing a storage space

Like any other service, no two facilities are the same. You will need to consider a few factors. These include;

  • The size of the storage space. 
  • The location of the storage space.
  • Security measures at the facility. 
  •  Check for their credibility from online reviews.
  • Enquire about their leasing policy. 

Each of these factors will influence the choice of storage space in Singapore. Let us dive into knowing how each of these tips affects your search for reliable storage space. 

The size of the storage space. 

Available space at a storage facility is measured in Square feet. Before diving into your search for the right storage space company in Singapore, you will need to know the space you need and how much room is available. Even though this would be decided by the number of boxes or the items going into the facility, they will give you a rough estimate of the size of storage space you need. 

Depending on the number of items, it doesn’t provide a good value for your money when the space is too large than needed. Conversely, when it is too small, you will end up stuffing your items and probably compromise their structural integrity. 

The location of the storage space in Singapore.

Location is a great deal when it comes to choosing a suitable storage space. Even though you may not select one closest to your house, there are other factors inclined to the location that equally decide the type of storage to lease. You may have a choice to choose between an indoor and outdoor space. 

Indoor storage space is primarily temperature-controlled. This allows you to have a uniform temperature for your items. However, it might be challenging to load and off-load items at the facility. 

Outdoor storage space, on the other hand, gives you easy loading and unloading. However, your items may be compromised by adverse weather such as rain, too hot temperature, or sometimes snow. 

Security at the storage facility
The primary goal of storing your items in a storage space is to ensure they are secure and safe. You do not want to lose your precious items or have them stolen. Therefore, security becomes a top priority when renting storage space in Singapore. Consider if the facility has security measures in place, the type of padlocks, fencing around the facility, etc. 

A professional storage space company will have video surveillance systems to secure and trace problems in a security breach. Besides, if your items require regulated temperature or a controlled room, you should tick this factor in your checklist. However, the comprehensive security system should not make accessing the facility a difficult time for you.

Storage space in Singapore

Check for their credibility from Google Reviews
Doing your due diligence before choosing a particular storage space in Singapore is essential. Research everything about your preferred storage space. One of the best ways to ensure you are renting a reliable and professional company is by checking out online reviews. Whether it is from Google, Yelp, Best in Singapore, or Trust Pilot, you should consider their credibility. 

Customer experience is another factor that should be a top priority when choosing a storage space company in Singapore. This will help you understand how they conduct their business and how much other customers are satisfied with their services. Choose a storage space that ensures quality service and customer satisfaction.  

Enquire about their leasing policy.
Several factors go into deciding the leasing policy; the insurance coverage, tenancy period, and payment options at the storage space company. 

  • Insurance – Sometimes, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover your items while in storage or transit. You may need to get coverage through the storage company. Storage insurance is crucial to cover your items against rodent damage or other perils while in storage. 
  • Tenancy period – Most companies will provide month-to-month tenancy with or without deposits. A company that offers short-term tenancy is highly preferred to avoid extra costs if you need to cancel the tenancy mid-month. 
  • Payment options – Sometimes, you may have late payments it is vital to know their policy on late payments. Also, consider their payment methods whether they need one-time payment, an online billing system, or any other policy. Always enquire before you can decide to rent storage space from the company. 

If you may need any other customized arrangements with the company, be sure to enquire about their provisions before renting or leasing out space from them. With this in mind, what are the different types of storage spaces that you can rent in Singapore?

Types of storage spaces

While it helps use storage spaces between moves, you should have a rough idea about the different options. Whether you are leasing for one month or the long-term, choosing the right storage space makes all the difference. 

Short-term storage spaces in Singapore
They are known as short-term self-storage spaces depending on the period you are storing the items in the facility. Generally, it takes as little as one month, up to 3 months. This option is highly suitable when moving house. Here are some situations that may need you to rent a short-term storage space;

  • When moving house – Perhaps your lease has already expired in your previous house, and the one you are moving to is taking days to get everything lined up to your favor. Perhaps you need some time off the tedious moving process, or you missed the move-in date? Whatever the reason, a short-term plan may work to your advantage.
  • Sometimes you may want to tweak a few things in your house by renovating or remodeling some rooms. To avoid damage to your precious furnishings, you may decide to put them in storage space. In this case, renting or leasing for the short-term is a viable option. 

Self-storage spaces in Singapore
Whether you are moving house, decluttering your home, or looking for temporary shelter for your items, self-storage allows you to keep your items safely and securely. It is available for both short-term and long-term storage options. The good thing about self-storage spaces is that you can access them anytime you need your items. The company may provide a lock and key to avoid any other casual access to your items to improve security. If you consider different options for your storage needs or have not yet made up your mind, consider the self-storage option. 

Long-term storage space in Singapore.
When you are looking to store your things for a period exceeding 3 months, the long-term plan is a great option. These storage spaces are mostly less suitable when you are moving, although you can still use them when moving house. Renting long-term storage space in Singapore is both an efficient and cost-effective method to store your items securely. Here are some of the reasons to consider renting these storage spaces; 

  • When traveling for months – Sometimes we want to take a vacation for months, or perhaps relocate abroad for work or other reasons, the long-term plan ensures your items are safe and secure while you are away.
  • Lack of enough space at home or in your warehouse – Sometimes, we have no extra space to keep items or stock. If you are moving to a smaller house without a basement or storage space, long-term storage space is a great option. Besides, you could be looking to store items that you do not need any time soon. This plan provides an optimal solution to keep your things. 

Commercial or business storage spaces in Singapore
Like any residential or personal needs to store things, a business requires more storage room or space for its stocks, tools, and other items. Business storage spaces are helpful, especially when the warehouse is not enough to accommodate your premises’ storage needs. Before you can choose the right storage spaces for commercial purposes, consider the ease of access and if the company offers pickup and delivery services. These two considerations may cut on your costs and equally reduce your turnovers.  

With these pointers in mind, you should be able to choose the suitable storage space that meets your needs and offers optimal security and safety for your items. 

Best storage companies in Singapore

While there are hundreds of storage space facilities in Singapore, some are spread across the country to provide easy storage and efficient access when the need arises. Below we outline some of the top-rated storage space companies in Singapore;

Urban Space Self Storage

Urban Space Self Storage is a modern storage concept that caters to the storage needs of the modern living and offices. It is managed by a team of professional and customer-friendly sales personnel to ensure fully functional, clean and secured self-storage spaces. Urban Space provides a wide range of storage sizes and flexibility in your storage durations. They also have a co-working lounge for you to store and work at the same time. Urban Space was founded in 2015 with the purpose of solving real life problems of storage

They are conveniently located at 3 Depot Close (S109840), which is easily accessible by car or public transport. Their aim is to ensure that every storer is satisfied with our storage facility and customer service. They are fully committed to providing you with outstanding customer service and the best storage facility experience so make sure you check them out!

Extra Space self-storage Singapore.

Extra Space has come along way as an industry leader in the storage space industry. It has been voted as the best facility to store your priced items from 2018-2020. It is equally an industry expert in 2021. If you are looking for affordable or cheap self-storage, this company should be your best choice. Each of their services is customized to their customer’s needs. 

Whether you are renting space for your growing business or considering self-storage for your furniture and other household items, Extra Space provides a cost-effective plan for self-storage services in Singapore. With over 10 facilities spread across the country, you have the option to rent space in the facility nearest to your house or home. If any of these factors are a top priority when choosing a storage space, you should consider Extra Space self-storage. 

Mandarin Self-storage Singapore.

With various storage space companies in Singapore, Mandarin self-storage stands apart from them in several ways. It has over 30 years of industry expertise and skill set for reliable and professional storage solutions. To cater to its customer’s needs, the company offers both individual and business storage space solutions. 

If you are finding it a challenge figuring out how to move while storing your items, they offer a one-time free van service to pick up and deliver items to their facilities. This benefit may significantly cut your moving costs. Besides, the company provides up to 5 days of on-site assessment and free reservation at their storage facility. If you are looking for a reliable and credible storage space company in Singapore, Mandarin Self-storage is a growing company whose prospects are in favor of their customer. 

YellowCo storage space Singapore.

Unlike other storage space companies in Singapore that offer on-site storage space solutions, YellowCo provides mobile storage solutions. Talk of convenience, think about this company. They have an elaborate process to pick your items and haul them away until the time you will need them. They offer office relocation service, efficient moving house in Singapore, and other storage needs. 

All you have to do is give them a call, and their team will drop storage boxes in your residence. Once you have packed your items, they will come to pick them up without the need to visit any warehouse or facility. In situations where your item cannot fit in the box provided, you need to give them a call, and they can drop a customized box. Besides convenience, the company offers a cost-effective and affordable approach to store your items. 


While storage space is a premium in Singapore, you can trust StorHub for affordable and cost-effective storage. With 14 facilities spread across the country, the company provides a convenient way to access your items without a hassle. Talking about the essential features that make StorHub stand apart from its competitors is 24/7 video surveillance, secure access control systems, fire protection, and secure fencing around the facility. 

With years of experience, the company has grown to offer both long-term and short-term storage options for any type of storage needs. Whether you need the basic or temperature-controlled storage space, StorHub has it all. Check them out for flexible and efficient storage services in Singapore. 

Spaceship storage space Singapore.

The company was established in 2014 and has grown to be an industry expert and leader in the storage space industry. Besides providing storage space, Spaceship Storage Space provides logistics solutions and moving services. They have an online mobile App for flexible and on-demand storage services. If you find it a challenge packing and transporting your items to the facility, the company offers pickup and delivery into their facilities. 

When it comes to security and safety for your items, the company provides 24/7 video surveillance of the premises. You should not be worried about storing your items with Spaceship storage space in Singapore. Check them out for cost-effective storage, warehousing, moving, and fulfillment of your items. 

SG Box Storage in Singapore.

When you are looking for simple ways to declutter your home or office, box storage is an efficient and convenient option. SG Box Storage provides a cheap option from as low as $25 for 5 storage boxes. Often, it is the small items that make your home messy. The company offers and specializes in storing small boxes. If this is your situation, SG Box Storage provides a practical solution to keep your items. 

Besides, the company offers both short-term and long-term box storage. They are highly flexible, with an opportunity to upsize or downsize your storage space. This way, you end up paying for usable space only. If you consider adding up 1 more box, it will cost about $6 only. Depending on your location, the pickup and delivery costs may start from as low as $30.

While these are some of the storage space companies in Singapore, you have an unlimited option to choose one that meets your needs and offers customized storage solutions. 

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