Movers in Singapore: Selecting the right one

Moving services

Moving house involves a series of activities that might be daunting for any person. Selecting the right movers in Singapore can enhance or break your moving experience.

There is often a price vs. ease trade-off when looking for movers in Singapore, which is difficult to navigate without knowing what to look for.

While using moving trucks or vans via newer platforms such as Lalamove and GoGoX for a DIY move is cheap, it equally has a set of limitations to it as you could be doing a lot of heavy lifting yourself. Alternatively, professional moving companies may be a little pricier, but it will be a much more relaxing experience overall!

To learn more about what’s right for you, we will share some of our best tips to finding the right mover. You can also check out our ultimate moving guide to learn more about saving money when moving, switching utilities and more!

Why use a moving company

Whether you are moving for the first time or have had a couple of house moves, knowing what movers do is a going concern. To answer the question, movers do more than meets the eye! It is not about packing boxes and unloading them to your destination. Check out our blog post on the best moving companies in Singapore. Here is a brief to some of the activities a reputable mover will help you achieve in the overall process; 

A mover will take inventory of your items beings moved 
This is usually the first step when you decide to move house. You will need to create an inventory of your items that you want the mover to take care of. However, if you want a complete overhaul of the moving process, you might need to approve the inventory to avoid discrepancies after the move. Either way, the goal is to have a record of every item they are to move. Besides, taking inventory ensures you have an organized and hassle-free moving process. 

Packing your items
Packing happens to be one of the dreadful experiences when you are moving. Packing items in a box and labeling them only to unpack them in the new house can be nerve-wracking. When you call a full-service moving company in Singapore, you will notice packing is one of their additional services. 

A mover can expertly pack, wrap valuables, and label boxes, which would make all the difference in the moving process. When you are considering storing some of your items, you might need to pack your items properly to help save on space and overall storage costs. Be sure to ask if your particular mover offer packing services as part of their moving package.

Packing house

Protecting your items while on the move
Certainly, you do not want to have broken furniture or damaged art in your new house. While this is a general fear when selecting a moving company, the right company should be able to handle your items with care. Besides packing and wrapping your things, proper padding, plastic wraps, moving blankets, etc., can make a significant difference in safeguarding your items. When hiring your mover, be open to speaking about how they will protect your items while on transit. 

Loading and unloading your items on the moving truck
Even though you might be tempted to rent out a moving truck, loading and unloading are easier said than done. All the elbow work can be tiring. Besides, a lack of know-how and skill to load items on the truck may damage your items. 

This is one of the most relevant steps of the moving process. A skilled moving crew knows how to load odd-shaped items, secure fragile items, load heavy and bulky items, etc. Besides, they will maximize space on the moving truck. Selecting a reputable mover in Singapore ensures an efficient moving process, and your items get to the destination in one piece.  

They know the right moving truck or van for your specific move
To ensure an efficient move and protection of your items, the moving crew should know which truck to use on the day of the move. A vehicle that will last the whole day without any hiccups. Besides, your new house’s distance and location may have limitations on the type of moving trucks allowed in the neighborhood. The mover will ensure that they are using a truck that won’t cause inconveniences or perhaps surcharges during the move. 

A mover may help you organize items in the new house
You probably have an idea how you want to organize your new house. If not designed on paper, you could have a rough idea in the head. A professional mover will help coordinate the unloading and organize which items go to which room. They might even help assemble bulky items rather than leaving everything to you for unpacking and arranging your new house. 

As you can tell, a skilled mover can help you overcome moving hurdles in several ways. They may even help you clean up the boxes and messy wrappings. After the lengthy process of moving house in Singapore, you want a clear mind to enjoy your new house and perhaps jump on some pending work assignments. This is why it is essential to select a reputable moving crew.

Selecting a reliable mover

The moving industry is notoriously full of scams! You will get a super-low moving quote and get excited about it, only to be slapped with a higher bill when they have your belongings loaded on their trucks. Other movers will give you an affordable hourly-rate, pack your items, and never see them again. While there are a hundred ways to get scammed or conned, some are less common, and anyone is susceptible to being scammed.

That said, it does not mean there are no legitimate movers in Singapore. Some will exceed your expectations by doing more than you hired them to do. To identify a legitimate mover, here are some considerations to make; 

Tip 1: Movers who walk you through the entire quote (no surprise fees)
It’s true what they say, you often get what you pay for. There are a whole lot of good movers and lorry’s that offer cheap rates. However, in order to win your business, they can sometimes leave things off your quote such as additional costs for not having lift access, or requiring a second lorry to move all of your thing. This can sometimes result in surprise fees on the day of your move. While more professional moving companies may appear more expensive, you will be more likely quoted an accurate price with all of this factored into it. 

Tip 2: Online presence
Any company’s presence goes beyond its social media pages. Whether big or small, a reputable company has a traceable online presence, including a website. With Covid, more movers are relying on video surveys and whatsapp to communicate with customers. This is a great way to communicate with them as well as get faster and more accurate quotes

When you are checking for their online presence, be sure to also look at the negative or critical reviews by date via Google. This will give you their most recent interactions with their client and how they went about dispute resolution. Besides, check for the positive reviews to understand their strengths in offering an efficient move within Singapore. 

To see a full list of movers in Singapore including their Google reviews, you can check out our detailed guide here with links to each company

Selecting a moving company

Tip 3: Years of industry experience
You can quickly tell that a company will offer reliable and credible services from experience. This counts on their expertise and skill level to provide quality service. A good mover will have built a name for themselves over the years. It becomes a crucial factor when hiring a professional mover in Singapore. 

Tip 4: Certified and accredited movers in Singapore
This is another vital factor to consider before hiring any specific mover. A service provider that is certified and accredited to offer quality moving service in Singapore. It is advisable to go for FIDI or FIDI-FAIM certified mover.  FIDI accreditation is an umbrella organization of top quality and industry moving companies that offer local and international moving services. Being a member of such an organization involves a series of approvals after complying with their regulations. Any company that is FIDI or FAIM accredited is a legit company that you can trust.

When checking for a movers licensing and certifications, always consider their contact listed on the licensing. If it is any different from their local contact, it is not worth the risk.

Additional costs to factor in

One of the primary reasons to forego a specific company over another is cost. Whether you are looking for an affordable or a cheap mover in Singapore, you want cost-effective moving. When you ask for moving quotes and service estimates, you should double check your quote and understand that everything is factored in. 

In Singapore, the cost of moving a 1-bedroom house can be as little as $150 up to $2,000 for a 3 – 4 bedroom place. You should be able to get a good sense of what it will cost to move from your mover upfront. However there can be cases where there are additional fees added. 

This is why you will hear customers complaining about a particular mover being a con. However, even a legitimate mover may place extra charges for the extra work that needs to be done. After getting a moving quote from your mover, you should only approve it after an onsite survey. This ensures that the mover knows all the requirements of the job at hand. 

Besides, here are some of the factors you should discuss with your mover to avoid extra charges above the quoted amounts; 

Your pick-up and drop-off address
Depending on your current and new address, movers may have a hard time to get access to your property. If you don’t have lift access, you may be charged for each flight of stairs! Always check with your mover
Access to your property
Some homes are somewhat inaccessible. If the movers will have to carry the items manually to the moving trucks you can expect to incur extra charges. This includes moving in narrow driveways that do not allow moving trucks to access open yards of the house. If you are moving from or to a home inaccessible by lift, a mover may charge more for the extra cost of manpower. 

Heavy items such as piano moving
A mover may place an extra charge for heavy items. Even though it is justified since it will require additional manpower, you should discuss it with your mover before beginning your move. Besides, such heavy items may not fit in a lift and may require manual moving down the stairs. All these factors will equally increase the moving quote significantly. 

Credit card cost and charges
Your mover may levy an extra charge if you are using a credit card for payment. If you are not comfortable with the additional costs, you may decide to use other payment options.

Even though there are various hidden costs and charges, you can avoid them without a problem. You should discuss the overall quote and any specifics to your moving before confirming the job at hand. In the discussion, you may have an opportunity to bargain for good value for your money. If you cannot reach a consensus, you can hire another moving company.

Moving insurance

Safeguarding and protecting your items goes beyond protection while loading and offloading or during transit. One of the best ways to take care of any eventualities during the move is with insurance. While many will say that they offer a comprehensive cover for your items, some do not keep their word. 

Always carry out background research on the company and ask them for their certificate of insurance. Also, there are several moving insurance covers, so be careful to choose one that adequately covers your items. In case of problems, the mover should replace lost items, repair damaged or broken items, or perhaps settle out with a cash payment.

Additional services movers offer

When selecting the right mover in Singapore, be sure to check for other additional services in their catalog. Even though the more task a mover handles, the higher the cost of their services, it might be a creative way to select the right mover. These additional activities include; 

  • Special wrapping – In an effort to protect your items, you may need to wrap them the best way possible. Using protective wrapping for fragile items such as TVs, valuable items, mirrors, etc. 
  • Packing services – While packing is one of the most dreaded experiences during moving, a good mover should offer efficient packing. Although you could be charged on an hourly basis, it is a matter of discussion with your mover. 
  • Condo and estate entry permits – if you live or moving to an area requiring permits to enter the condo, a mover may get the approvals on your behalf. 
  • Storage services – sometimes you are moving when the new house is not complete or needs some time off to organize it. A good mover offers both temporary and permanent storage for your items. 

These and other services are crucial when selecting the right mover in Singapore. Be confident to understand what your mover can and cannot do.

Trusted movers in Singapore

Having discussed some of the crucial details on how to select the right mover in Singapore, we compiled a list of some of the best moving companies that are legitimate and put customer satisfaction first place below. Be sure to check out our detailed guide here if you want to know more 

Kaplan Logistics

With a 5-star google review, this is one of the trusted movers in Singapore. They have a positive track record of service guarantee and customer satisfaction dating back over 12 years. Whether you are looking for a local mover or a long-distance mover in Singapore, Kaplan Logistics should be a top priority.  

Santa Fe Relocation

This is another great moving partner when moving house in Singapore. They will walk with you in every step of the moving process. Santa Fe Relocation is a trusted and legitimate mover in Singapore with a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot after 1600 reviews from its customers. If you are looking for a hassle-free moving process, then you should consider this mover. 

Shalom Movers

This is one of the top-rated and accredited moving companies in Singapore. Having been established in 1982, their services are unrivaled, and their experience is unmatched. They have a dedicated team of moving professionals on board. Shalom Movers is an industry expert for moving services in Singapore with a 3.3-Star rating on Google Reviews after thousands of residential and commercial moving. 

Shalom movers

Anytime Movers Singapore

Even though Anytime Movers Singapore has 3 years of existence, their 5-star rating on Google Reviews should give you the confidence to call them for moving services. They offer limitless moving services, ensuring a flawless moving process. Unlike other movers who will place an extra charge for additional services, Anytime Movers Singapore is the right partner for packing, assembly, and disassembly of items and storage of excess items. 

Crown Relocations

Although they have been in the industry for over 55 years, they have a 3-star rating on Google Reviews. However, this should not deter you from calling them for moving services. They are industry experts and pros at moving services. If you are looking for a mover that will give you a listening year, Crown Relocations should be your go-to mover in Singapore.

The Trio Movers

With a 4.8-star rating on Google Reviews, The Trio Movers is a family-owned and local moving company in Singapore. They offer customized moving to their customer’s specific needs. If you are looking for a free moving quote, they are your go-to choice for moving services. 

Rodex Movers 

With a 2.8-star rating on Google Reviews, Rodex Movers is your go-to mover for corporate and other commercial moving services. Besides, they offer customized residential moving in Singapore. They use state-of-the-art and innovative approaches to their moving practice. Their expertise and skill in ensuring an efficient move make them the perfect mover to call for local moving in Singapore. 

With either of these movers, you should get a hassle-free and efficient moving service. However, you should do your due diligence before settling for a particular moving company in Singapore. Always discuss all specific details to your custom moving to avoid problems or additional charges you probably had no idea about.

Get a fast quote

While selecting the right mover in Singapore is one thing, getting a moving quote is another. You do not want to spend more time and effort sampling quotes from several movers. You should try Haulmate to get a moving quote from trusted moving companies in Singapore for free. Haulmate provides an efficient and convenient process to get a reliable quote from movers in Singapore.

March 16, 2021