11 Moving Companies in Singapore

Moving house has become part of everyday life. While many people are currently working from home, moving to a large house that accommodates a virtual office is inevitable. However, the load of small tasks in the overall moving process can be hectic, especially if you are moving for the first time. One of the best ways to overcome moving hurdles is hiring a reputable and professional moving company in Singapore.

However, knowing where to start can be hard and there are many considerations to factor in. How much will the moving service cost? How do you compare the different moving quotes? Are you engaging a professional moving company? How does one mover compare to the next? All these are questions that are likely to linger in your mind before settling for moving companies.

While this article outlines 11 moving companies in Singapore that are affordable and reputable, we have a checklist of what to look for in a moving company. Also, check out our blog on the ultimate guide for moving house in Singapore. We outline some of the best tips to ensure an efficient and convenient move.

Affordable movers in Singapore

Now that you know what to look for before hiring moving services, here is a list of 11 moving companies in Singapore that are affordable and reputable. They include the following.

Sir Move services (4.3 stars on Google Reviews)

Sir Group strives to make its services available to all Singapore residents each day, no matter their location. They have a proactive and empathetic approach to every moving service they offer. Besides, they have decades of experience and appropriate licensing to provide unmatched local and international moving solutions. Sir Groups had a humble beginning in 2006, from where they have bloomed to being an award-winning company in 2019, as one of the top movers in Singapore.

Cheap Movers Singapore (4.6 stars on Google Reviews)

If you are looking for a fuss-free and moving expedition, at Cheap Movers Singapore is the place to be. Cheap Movers Singapore keep their moving procedure as explicit to their clients as possible. All you need to do is call them to notify them that you require their services. The next thing they do is send you a quotation depending on the details you give them. 

Next, they will deliver the packing materials so that you can start packing, or if you need their packing services, they begin the task immediately. They will then come with their trucks and load your possessions. All you need in all these operations is to sit still and watch them handle the tasks. Their end goal is to offer the most reliable and affordable moving services to accommodate all movers.

Rodex Movers (2.8 stars on Google Reviews)

Whether it is domestic or corporate moving, Rodex Movers is the place to be. This company seeks to meet and exceed your moving expectations. They do so by coming up with innovative approaches to increase flexibility and efficiency in moving operations. They also have the best equipment and trucks that offer optimal storage space for all possessions, including fragile ones.

Shalom Movers Singapore (3.3 stars on Google Reviews)

With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and professional service delivery, Shalo Movers stands apart from its competitors. With about 40 years of industry existence, the company has grown into a large corporation by every standard. Whether you are looking for local moving in Singapore or international commercial moving services, they are your go-to movers for any relocation. Be sure to check them out for a professional and efficient moving service in Singapore. 

Zealous Mover (4.2 stars on Google Reviews)

Zealous mover offers both international and local moving services for all business owners and homeowners in Singapore. They utilize the most advanced technology and equipment to ensure they give your items great care and offer an efficient move. They will help you with your packing and moving needs, provide you with quality moving materials, store even the most fragile equipment in their high-quality storage facilities, and dispose of unwanted furniture and items. Their friendly team is always to answer your calls for any inquiries or booking appointments.

Kaplan Logistics (5.0 stars on Google Reviews)

Since 2007, this company has been offering outstanding services in relocating Singapore residents and storing and transporting possessions for commercial and residential needs. They have the experience and dedicated workforce to ensure you have the best moving experience ever. Whether it is a local or across the border relocation, Kaplan Logistics has your back. There are no hidden costs with this company. They keep all their quotations as transparent and reasonable as possible. You can trust this team to provide unmatched services, tight from packing, moving, unpacking, and disposing of all unused possessions.

Allied (3.0 stars on Google Reviews)

Whether you need to move within Singapore or relocate to other countries, Allied has your back for moving and packing services. For many years, this company is famous for its reliable, efficient, and affordable moving services to all Singapore residence. Hire them and enjoy the best moving quotes that will suit your moving needs. Thanks to its mother company SIRVA Inc. this company offers corporate moving services in Singapore, whereby their services extend to more than two hundred countries while moving approximately 300,000 families yearly. You can never go wrong after hiring Allied.

Anytime Movers Singapore (5.0 stars on Google Reviews)

This company might only have three years of experience, but they offer services similar to that of a company with several decades of experience. From how they handle their clients to how dedicated they are to make the entire process flawless, their services are impeccable. They serve both offices and homeowners. They take care of your possessions as if they were theirs. Right from disassembling furniture and other equipment, placing them in their right boxes, storing them, and taking them to your new location, you will be surprised with how efficient their work. Their end goal is ensuring that you have peace of mind as they serve you.

Crown relocations (3.0 stars on Google Reviews)

Crown Relocations seek to provide the best moving experience to its clients by offering services that match their moving needs. They always give a listening ear to understand your plan and then assign you a professional to assess your needs and recommend the best services and moving package that suits those needs. Crown Relocation works their sweats off to ensure they give you the help you need in every aspect of your relocation. With over 55 years of relocating clients, you can trust that they have adequate knowledge and top-notch services to ensure you have a smooth moving experience.

The Trio Movers (4.8 stars on Google Reviews)

Trio Movers is a company owned by three brothers who have been offering outstanding moving services in Singapore for years. They have thousands of positive reviews from their previous happy clients, which is an indication that you rely on them for a smooth moving process. Trio Movers offer moving services and provide other services like disposal of unused furniture and heavy equipment. They are handymen for any home installation services, unlike other companies that will add boxes’ fee to the quotations, Trio Movers issue you with free packing materials. Whether it is residential or commercial relocation, contact them for the best services.

Santa Fe Relocation (4.5 stars on Google Reviews)

This is an accredited and certified mover in Singapore with customer satisfaction as their guiding principle. Their aim is to make the moving process as hassle-free as possible. Each of their services is tailor-made to every customer’s personalized moving. With a 4.5 star rating on Google and a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot, you can be confident that they will offer quality moving services. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial moving services in Singapore, Santa Fe Relocation should be your go-to mover.

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